Working with Disability

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The “Working with Disability: Toward a Truly Inclusive Vermont Labor Force” report is complete! We are proud to have worked with many amazing project partners on this report, including: Diane Dalmasse and James Smith of the Vermont Division for Vocational Rehabilitation; Fred Jones of the Vermont Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired; Kirsten Murphy of the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council; Tela Torrey of the Vermont Agency of Digital Services; Tom Hamilton of the Vermont Statewide Independent Living Council; the Fountain Fund; the Larry Mandell Fund for Racial, Social, and Economic Equity; and the Public Assets Institute, which did the research, analysis, writing and design. Special thanks to Sam Liss, who conceived of the idea for the report.

Working with Disability (pdf)

Working with Disability (alternate non-graphic format pdf)