Sue Williams Freedom Fund (SWFF)

Sue Williams Freedom Fund (SWFF)

Services & Equipment to Maintain Independence

The Sue Williams Freedom Fund provides funding for services and equipment to help people with disabilities achieve or maintain independence in their own homes. SWFF can help with things such as dentures, air purifiers, scooters, and many other items.

For more information or to request reasonable accommodations or alternative formats please contact Kaylyn Crompton,  MOW/SWFF Program Specialist.

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A stylish woman sits on concrete bleachers. She is wearing athletic gear, has a water bottle, a big smile and a prosthetic leg.
A young adult couple with Downs Syndrome are laughing in a bright cheery kitchen, they are have a 'cheers' with cupcakes
A young woman with impaired vision sits in a colorful home, she is using the touchpad on her cell phone