Information, Referral & Assistance

Information, Referral & Assistance

Resources for People with Disabilities

VCIL’s Information, Referral & Assistance specialist assists individuals in finding the resources they need to achieve or maintain their independence. Our I,R&A specialist provides people with disabilities, the Deaf, family members, and organizations with quality referrals and information on a vast array of issues. VCIL is part of Vermont’s 211 services, a coordinated referral program of social service agencies, community action programs, and state agencies throughout Vermont.

For more information, contact Jake Lavigne.
(802) 224-1824

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A young adult man with a limb difference on both arms sits in a bright cafe with a laptop. He is looking directly at the camera with a small smile.
A young adult man is wearing a suit and blue tie. He has Downs Sydrome and is sitting at a laptop very focused.
A closeup of the legs of a man in a wheelchair with his guide dog, a yellow lab in a blue vest.

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