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Below are basic resources for our community and individuals with disabilities. If you need additional assistance or information, we offer Information Referral & Assistance.

Abuse & Violence Help

VCIL works in partnership with the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence to ensure people with disabilities have equal access to violence and abuse services.
Abuse & Violence Help

Emergency Preparedness

If you have a disability that may cause you to need special help in an emergency, you should consider what you can do to be prepared for an emergency.
Emergency Preparedness

Personal Assistance Services Toolkit

Tools and resources for managing Attendant Care or Personal Assistance Services.
PAS Toolkit

ADA & Disability Related Regulations

Technical Assistance for understanding and implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Community Access Program

Employment & Work

Information and resources about working with a disability and employment in Vermont.
Working with a Disability


Information specifically for individuals with disabilities for COVID-19 and coronavirus.
VCIL offers the RISE Fund, designed to help people with disabilities remain as independent as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.