A long, muddy Vermont road.

Mud Season Match 2023

lc@marketinglaura.comMud Season Match

As we enter Vermont’s 5th season
You probably already know the reason
It’s time again for the mud season match
Again this year there is no catch
Donations will be doubled by a generous gift
For the Sue Williams Freedom Fund also called “SWFF”
As I was reading messages from our website
A request for a SWFF application shed some light
Someone inquired about wanting to apply
And then I read the reason why
An opportunity has come their way
They want some help before that day
Dentures are what they will need
To help ensure that they succeed
They’ve not had good teeth for many years
A story shared by many peers
And although it leaves us stunned
There is no money in the fund
There’s still 6 months yet to go
The SWFF waiting list continues to grow
However, if you are able to give
You’ll be helping someone independently live
Donations will go to the fund name for Sue
An original warrior to all she knew

The Sue Williams Freedom Fund provides items to peers

Scooters, lift chairs and aids for ears
And if you’re unable or already gave
The pocket garden is yours to save
We hope that you will plant the seeds
Dirt and water – their only needs
So thank you so much for taking the time
To read our Mud Season Match rhyme
We hope you’ll use the envelope sent
And your donation will be doubled 100%!

– Linda Meleady