A long, muddy Vermont road.

Mud Season Match 2021

lc@marketinglaura.comMud Season Match

So here we are in April, You see the taps for Maple
Another sign of spring, And all the mud it brings

In VT what does that mean? Just try to keep your car all clean
Vermont’s 5 th season has arrived, Another winter we survived
That must mean it’s also time, For my annual Mud Season rhyme
Always in the form of a Poem, This time it was written from home

This year’s match, came with no catch

Brian of Amramp called one day, You won’t believe what he had to say
He and his wife felt very blessed, their business didn’t suffer under Covid stress

They decided to donate to VCIL,
Their stimulus money, now isn’t that swell!
Their hope is that others – financially stable,
Would share their CARES money, if they were able
Most of you know the work that we do,
But in a pandemic we tried something new

At first it was a little tough, working from home it can be rough

Our Peer Advocate Counselors or “P.A.C.’s”,
Went above and beyond & did it with ease

But the needs of our peers, even more important this year
They shopped and delivered and also made calls
To make sure isolated peers weren’t climbing the walls
So here is the part where we ask, If you are able to meet the task
Help us double Amramp’s gift, That will certainly give us a lift

Remember, no amount is too big or too small, At VCIL we appreciate them all!
And last but not least did I mention the mask? Our gift to you is part of the ask
We hope the day is very near, these things won’t be hanging off of our ear
But for now, stay safe and sound, soon we’ll be back on normal ground
Now we will thank you in advance, As this is VCIL’s last chance

To encourage you all to give what you may,
Achieving Dignity and Independence will make our day!

– Linda Meleady