A long, muddy Vermont road.

Mud Season Match 2016

lc@marketinglaura.comMud Season Match

This winter didn’t bring much snow
And April temps are pretty low
Mud season is lasting much longer this year
When spring will arrive isn’t quite clear

But enough about weather, here comes the catch
It’s time for the 3rd annual Mud Season Match
VCIL was very busy this year
So much going on to make us cheer.

There were ADA celebrations ’round the state
For the 25th anniversary a momentous date
The signing of the Disabilities Act
When our nation made a pact
To eliminate barriers for people with disabilities
Open the world to everyone and all its possibilities

41 peers got ramps through Home Access
No nursing homes but at their own address
Almost 500 peers received Meals on Wheels
Just a few of the reasons for this appeal.

This year’s seed paper is a butterfly
Perhaps you’re wondering just why
Change is what butterflies represent
Their transformation quite an event

Challenge and change are a part of life
Causing joy sometimes and other times strife
But look how the butterfly emerges when it’s done
With wings to fly and reach the sun

So accept this gift filled with flower seeds
And if you are able, help us meet our needs
Every dollar you give will again be doubled
No amount is too small so don’t be troubled

We thank you again for taking the time
To read our annual Mud Season rhyme!

~ Linda Meleady