A long, muddy Vermont road.

Mud Season Match 2015

lc@marketinglaura.comMud Season Match

Although there’s still some snow on the ground
It’s Spring in Vermont you can hear the sound
Birds are chirping; there’s a grassy patch
That must mean it’s time for our Mud Season Match!

Last year’s match was a great success
Raising over three thousand, not a penny less
This year we’re setting a higher goal
Since Government cuts are taking their toll.

We have thirty-five hundred to match this year
Raising seven thousand dollars would make us cheer
And that’s where your support comes in
Your donation will be doubled so it’s a win-win!

Last year we sent out seeds of hope
Did your wildflowers grow on a sunny slope?
This year enclosed is a leaf with herb seeds
For use in the kitchen for all your spice needs.

Moisten some soil and place leaf on top
Cover with dirt and watch the seeds pop
Basil, parsley and chives are within
Place by a window maybe in your kitchen.

If you’ve already given this year
Our appreciation to you is very sincere
Accept this seed paper as a small gift to you
For supporting our mission and the work that we do.

We hope that everyone who is able to share
Will send the amount that they can spare
The Mud Season Match will double it all
So no donation we get is too big or too small.

You can write out a check to VCIL
Or visit our website to donate as well
We thank you for taking a bit of your time
To read our Mud Season Match annual rhyme.

~ Linda Meleady