A man with a prosthetic leg lifts a large board from a pile in a lumber mill.

New Report Shines Light on Workers with Disabilities

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The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed deep-rooted structural inequalities in the U.S. Immense, historic and racialized inequity in health and health care and the near-invisible “essential workers” that makes everyone’s daily lives possible. Who is “essential?” Who is invisible? What rights do people have to safety and dignity in the workplace? Who is considered expendable? These issues are not new for… Continue Reading New Report Shines Light on Workers with Disabilities

Working with Disability

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The “Working with Disability: Toward a Truly Inclusive Vermont Labor Force” report is complete! We are proud to have worked with many amazing project partners on this report, including: Diane Dalmasse and James Smith of the Vermont Division for Vocational Rehabilitation; Fred Jones of the Vermont Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired; Kirsten Murphy of the Vermont Developmental Disabilities… Continue Reading Working with Disability